With the multi-IMSI roaming hub roaming is made easy

telna's multi-IMSI roaming hub is a roaming trading platform which allows GSM and CDMA operators of all sizes, and MVNOs anywhere in the world, to instantly benefit from pre-negotiated reduced IOTs in 200 countries for their outbound roamers, as well as generate new wholesale business by receiving incremental inbound roaming traffic from other hub Members and reseling their own outbound roaming agreements.
Unlike a single-IMSI open connectivity roaming hub, the telna multi-IMSI roaming hub provides instant worldwide coverage and set IOTs, without cumbersome and lengthy negotiation with each individual roaming partner or delayed and complicated IREG testing procedures. Launch can literally happens within weeks. All prices are known upfront, in a single currency, and guaranteed by telna, which reduces billing incidents and helps the Member's roaming department to be more efficient.

Increase revenue

By accessing lower outbound roaming rates worldwide, you can offer more attractive roaming conditions to your customers and drive new roaming revenue by limiting evasion to local SIM card alternatives or churn to larger networks with better roaming footprints.
By reselling your existing outbound roaming footprint to other hub Members, you can create an entirely new revenue stream which adds instantly to your P&L without any CAPEX costs.

Decrease costs

By purchasing less traveled destinations from the roaming hub, you can reduce the number of roaming partners you interact with bilaterally, and reduce the administrative costs of negotiating IOTs, clearing and settling low revenue agreements.
You can also access a much larger outbound roaming footprint without the added costs of new IREG and TADIG tests.

Proven technology

This proven technology which was initially developed by telna for its own use, is now made available to worldwide members of the GSM and CDMA industry. By joining forces and pooling our roaming traffic, we all benefit from lower rates and can make more attractive roaming offers to gain and retain subscribers and be on par with offers from larger operator groups on a global basis.

Learn more about what the telna multi-IMSI roaming hub can do for MNOs, for Full-MVNOs and for MVNOs-Light.